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I will work with you to customize a list of services to meet your specific needs.

Your checklist is completed during each visit.

EXTERIOR of Home Checklist   INTERIOR of Home Checklist 
Inspect home and property for signs of storm damage, vandalism or break and entry  
Check all windows and doors for secure locks  
Inspect doors and windows, entrances , storm windows, basement access, etc.  
Run Water in Sinks and Tubs/Showers; flush toilets to avoid water stains and stale water  
Collect regular mail; along with flyers, newspapers and debris from property  
Check toilets, sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, hot water tank for leaks  
Perform visual check of lawns, trees, fences, gardens and garage  
Plant Care - watering as required
Remove snow from main walkway, steps and entrances (Winter)  
Check Electrical breakers for tripped circuits or blown fuses  
Water Plants and Flower Beds in Gardens (Spring/Summer/Autumn)  
Check Appliances - refrigerator(s), freezer(s) to ensure they are in working order  
Check Hot Tub, Swimming Pool for proper balance of chemicals (as required)  
Open/close window coverings; and turn lights on/off; check timer settings  
Maintain a visual presence around the home and property to deter unwanted visitors  
Confirm all heating/cooling systems are functioning properly  
Start vehicle(s) left in driveway; and move to different location in driveway  

Check Smoke Detectors and Co2 monitors.

Arrange for Professional Snow Clearing Services in Winter; Grass Cutting and Lawn Maintenance in Summer  

Check for unusual odours.

Ensure all Exterior lighting is in working order   
Cat Care - Feeding, Change Water, Clean Litter Boxes,   Spend Quality Time each visit

  Check out our 2 minute VIDEO PRESENTATION on You Tube...  https://youtu.be/KaaxOMQ2LGI